HeatProbe is an immersion tank heater designed to capture waste heat from hot engine coolant and transfer it directly into the tank's fluid on any hydraulic equipment, warming up the contents, so that it can properly flow and be easily pumped during cold winter weather. This process eliminates huge amounts of downtime as well as expensive component damage that frequently occur from cold-thickened oils.
HeatProbes can be used in many bulk transport applications such as IBC totes, water trucks, and lube tankers, to reduce their turnaround time and increase revenue. Multiple units can be installed and plumbed sequentially to ensure consistent temperature in larger applications.



HeatProbes come in sizes ranging from 8” to 36” in immersion length. HeatProbe installs easily through any 1/2", 1.25", and 2" threaded tank port and connects up to coolant lines with heater hose barbs. Thermex provides a weldless tank flange (retrofit sandwich flange) to create an available port for 2" NPT applications.



• Heat up your hydraulics on the way to your job-site
• Keep water, oil and fluids from freezing, gelling or clouding
• Single probe heats up reservoirs from 1 to 80 gals (300 liters) capacity
• Multiple probes can be installed on large bulk tanks
• Warm up bulk oils while driving between deliveries
• Eliminate idle equipment and wasted man-hours waiting for products to warm up
• Protect against hydraulic pump cavitation’s and burst hose lines




Hydraulic Oil Fast Heat: 36F or 20C temperature rise during the first hour

Measurement Type Multiplier Length Required
Size: L x W x H (inches) X 0.0018 =HeatProbe length (inches)
Capacity US Gallons X 0.416 =HeatProbe length (inches)
Capacity: Litres X 0.11 =HeatProbe length (inches)


Hydraulic Oil Standard Heat: 27F or 15C temperature rise during first hour

Measurement Type Multiplier Length Required
Size: L x W x H (inches) X 0.0013 =HeatProbe length (inches)
Capacity: US Gallons X 0.3 =HeatProbe length (inches)
Capacity: Litres X 0.08 =HeatProbe length (inches)


Lube Oil Maintenance Heat: 3.6F or 2C temperature rise during first hour

Measurement Type Mulitplier Length Required
Size: L x W x H (inches) X 0.000156 =HeatProbe length (inches)
Capacity: US Gallons X 0.036 =HeatProbe length (inches)
Capacity: Litres X 0.0096 =HeatProbe length (inches)